Saturday, January 20, 2007

We got it!

We began the morning trip out to Hempstead to pick up our little trailer around 8:15am, we made a few stops and went to Joels house to use his truck and trailer. Sean wasnt sure about the tires being good, so he hoped to put the trailer on the trialer. =D
We made one last stop before we headed out to get our new trailer. Around 10:30am we arrived to the storage place were she was. We did some last inspections before the guy showed up.

The entry to our new trailer! =D :

Our booth is next to out fancy kitchen.

I love the old hand pump faucet.

This were our bed small bed will go. (some work needs to be done)

This is the cute closet.

And the drawer below the closet, but i love the cabiet belowas you can see. =D

The man arrived soon after and it was oficialy ours. We decided that the travel trailer was just a bit too big to fit on his flat bed trailer. We went out to buy a different size ball and after we did, it turned out that his brother had that size on already. haha!
So we hooked it up to at least get it to his brothers house. while leaving his flatbed behind for another trip.

The door doesnt close well due to the old lock, so we decided to us some bungee cord.

But not too far after we left the storage place the door began to open a little more than we expected, so we changed plans.

We have to buy new tires for the long trip home, but we havent had much luck so far. So for now the trailer is still out at his brothers on jacks.

There is alot more work to be done, but we are still excited. =)

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Fred C said...

A lot of work ahead and a lot of polish, but very cool. Can't wait to see it in person!