Monday, February 12, 2007

Further Excavations

Deeper and deeper We go where we'll stop only our walet knows
This is the orig. warning placard
Orig. flooring/ drawer lining
tag in the Fridge
Bottom of Fridge, not looking to good
Guessing that the fiberglass insulation means someone else has been in here since 47

Orig. KIT tag, anyone know what it's supposed to look like?
VIN plate
Anyone know if this was orig. equip?
the lone orig.?? lamp shade
Pretty sure this was added later, but it makes the dinette bed a bunk bed

There were 6,, or 8 of these under the bed, hole in this end
Bracket and wedge piece on the other not great shot but thats it laying on the rail, and a side shot below
Anyone know what they're for?

the further in I get the more I want to change, things like the original flooring have to come up and will probably replace it with Pergo or something, not very original,,, which irks me, but then I'm not crazy about asbestos based anything,,,, and AC is going in, but then theres the origional roof vent which still opens easily, but is small and me all wanting a Fantastic fan, at least I'm not putting the AC up there. The more I dig, the more i find to repair, the more I have to repair/replace the less I worry about keeping it original, though I still plan for it to have that vintage look there are just things that will have to be changed

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Ryan said...

personally don't know what any of the stuff is you had questions about, lol. Looks like tons of fun though ^_^