Monday, March 19, 2007

Is it a Saga yet

I was suprised that not all of the insulation had sagged, a lot of the roof insulation I have seen so far had settled to the bottom of the panel but this whole walls insulation was in place for the most part

was very careful and managed to get a shot of the Kimsul logo printed on the back. Does this stuff contain asbestos?

Discovered these connectors (whats the real name?) had snapped
I think the black spots might have been water intrusion
and the white condensation marks. Anyone able to verify that logic
It looks like the window sill around this window kept the water that leaked from getting between the paneling and frame which is how I imagine this is supposed to work
Noticed the remainders of some window stickers in the door window, cant quite make this one out has some fish and sea life and I can only make out an S and the TH maybe it's an old South Padre sticker
but this one is pretty clear,,, says I'm all Texan Traveling the Humble Route. Theres no backing left just the ink so I dont think it will survive much longer Heres Fred, He's the Woodworker/Carpenter thats gonna be indispensible in this rebuild
Well so far so good, it takes a lot of patience to get the paneling off from inside while keeping it in one piece to use as a template for the new paneling

I believe I'm going to use a layer of that shiny cellular insulation then a layer of celotex (foam board) for the new insulation, not sure how I should attach it yet, tempted to glue it in hopes of preventing condensation but not sure my logic is correct on that. I had the idea of sealing the inside of the walls but think it would backfire by trapping condensation behind the boards I dont replace,,,
Well it's going to be interesting , how many of you think my have it ready to camp by the end of May goal is gonna happen?

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Anonymous said...

Howdy- Saw your postings on T&TTT. Don't know if you have happened across the following website- but in my opinion, it is THE BEST resource for old trailer restoration out there...I'm sure it will touch on many of the things you will run into...
Have fun!